Monday, 19 May 2014

Radio Silence. Again.

A cursory check of archives down on the right will tell you that this happened before a couple of years back. It’s late Spring. The sun is hot and high; I can see the valley barbecues from my windowsill, see the blue pools in the squinting sun – and I hit crisis point.

The thing is; I've got close to 30,000 words of re-writes to do and at some point I need to give my family a break from all this and go on holiday. 'The Nightwardens' needs to be delivered in July and there's a way to go yet.
So rather than beat myself up for not finding the time to put the #pb52s up here, or write that post about Into the Woods I promised myself I would, or any of the other myriad little jobs I need to clear - I better just vanish for a bit.
Have yourselves a slow and easy summer... 

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